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Middleman or No Middleman – That is the Question

As a society, we’re continuously striving to become more efficient. Time is our most valuable asset, and it’s literally depleting by the second. Therefore, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly intelligent entrepreneurs who are passionately focused on eliminating pain points, optimizing time, streamlining processes, eradicating inconveniences, etc. etc. In general, when I’m evaluating a new “efficiently-minded” company, I tend to group it into one of the two following categories: 1) Start-ups that eliminate the existing middleman 2) Start-ups that create a new middleman It’s an interesting debate… Read More

Combating Our Aversion to Idleness

As a Venture Capitalist, my job is to continuously be an advocate and evangelist of tech innovation. However, positive innovations can also admittedly create potentially negative/harmful corresponding side effects on individuals and culture as a whole. For instance, we are now checking our phones on average 300 times per day, which equates to up to 5-hours each day. That’s a staggering statistic, and the numbers are only climbing!! Nonetheless, I could easily contend that the majority of the 5-hours consists of very positive and efficient behaviors such as talking to… Read More

Millennials vs. the Paradox of Choice

Over the last few years, I’ve developed an obsession with the “paradox of choice.” I think it’s one of the most fascinating concepts I’ve encountered as it relates to the start-up world. The paradox was first defined in 2004 by American psychologist Barry Schwartz, but I would contend that the concept is even more relevant now in 2017. Simply stated, the over-proliferation of choice has created a paradoxical effect on our society: instead of being liberating, it’s actually debilitating, paralyzing, and stressful. As Barry says in the book, “Autonomy and… Read More

The Future of TV

When it comes to the entertainment sector, I’m very excited to witness the upcoming evolution of TV. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this development for the last 4+ years, when I first “cut my cord.” We all knew it was coming – the traditional cable package has been broken for years. Everything in our lives is now highly customizable, so why should TV be any different? I mean, why are people paying more than $100 per month to have access to 100’s of channels that they do not even watch?? It’s clearly… Read More