When it comes to the entertainment sector, I’m very excited to witness the upcoming evolution of TV. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this development for the last 4+ years, when I first “cut my cord.”

We all knew it was coming – the traditional cable package has been broken for years. Everything in our lives is now highly customizable, so why should TV be any different? I mean, why are people paying more than $100 per month to have access to 100’s of channels that they do not even watch??

It’s clearly a firm step in the right direction to see established companies now offering compelling TV packages at very reasonable prices: “As we begin to finalize our new live TV service, we’re pulling together the most valuable, well-rounded package of channels available for under $40,” said Mike Hopkins, CEO of Hulu.

In addition to Hulu, YouTube recently launched YouTubeTV (and I’m sure we’ll see many more companies capitalize on this necessary shift). I think the CEO of YouTube said it best: “There’s no question that millennials love great TV content, but what we’ve seen is they don’t want to watch it in the traditional setting.”

With that said, now that the TV package has changed for the better, I think the actual content will follow its lead. For example, Netflix just announced that they will be “experimenting with producing interactive content in which viewers get to choose the direction of a plot.”

How cool is that?! No more static, passive television shows. Instead, you’ll be able to choose the path of the characters and dictate the progression of the plot.

And if you couple this new “interactive” content with an innovative virtual reality solution, I think you arrive at something incredibly special for TV lovers everywhere.

I love to binge on Netflix shows just like the rest of the world, so I’m eager to see how the big production studios and streaming companies navigate this dynamic landscape. I also love the fact that there is ferocious competition in this sector at the moment, ranging from Apple to Amazon to Google, because it will force the companies to stay on their toes and provide us consumers with the best possible value proposition.

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